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Birth Charts of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders - Mar 9, 2020

We are down to the final decision on the two democratic primary candidates.  I thought it the best time to take another look at Bernie Sanders and a new look at Joe Biden.  I did a chart on Bernie back in early 2016 and nothing has changed since.  A birth chart stays with you your entire life.  Some transits may occur but the core of you is intact.  You can read about Bernie here
Remember, this was written four years ago.

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Don’t Borrow Trouble–Stop Going Around the Block to Meet It - Mar 4, 2020

Don’t borrow trouble.  Stop going around the block to meet it.  A wise friend told this to me many years ago and it has guided me all my life.  That doesn’t mean I don’t worry or concern myself too much with trying to figure out the “how” of everything.  I am more conscious now of the “what” and not the “how”.  Over the years I have learned the best way to stop myself and waste copious amounts of time is to try to figure out the how.  

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Why We Don’t Have Great Leaders - Feb 23, 2020

Where are the great leaders?  It seems to me I don’t see them in the news, the business world, the
government, the social structure or the spiritual/religious structure.  What has become of the greatness in our leaders of today?  What makes up greatness?  Have we succumbed to success and not greatness?  Have we measured greatness by bank accounts, celebrity status,  the ability to control more people or headlines and tweets?

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Kobe Bryant-A Shooting Star - Feb 2, 2020

The world was shocked and saddened last week by the abrupt departure of one of the world’s best
basketball players and princely figures.  That someone so popular, charismatic and young could just quickly leave our human condition demonstrates again that we live our lives from moment to moment.  We think our lives from days, weeks, months and years but the truth is it could end in a flash and, and for some of us, it does.

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2020 Universal Year No. 4 and the Increased Power of the Female - Jan 3, 2020

This is the time of year when we hear of many predictions.  They are abundant and are usually lovely, fluffy and optimistic or dangerous and paranoid.  Economists predict on the economy, politicians spin the year to their advantage.  You take your choice on who or what to believe or be amused by.

No matter how you slice it, the year 2020 reduces to the number 4.  (2+0+2+0=4).  This is not a tip toe through the tulips year.  It wants order, discipline and hard work.  Good luck.  No matter what your own

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Nancy Pelosi’s Birth Chart–What is her power? - Dec 6, 2019

In astrology the natural leaders’ signs are Aries, Leo and Capricorn.  There is a great deal of power in
these three sun signs.  We look at many of those in office to see who are the natural leaders.  One of these is Nancy Pelosi, an Aries.  You can easily see her controlled power when she speaks and how she carries herself.  You understand why she was chosen as Speaker of the House and why she was able to guide the Affordable Care Act into passing by a challenged Congress.  She is a force to be reckoned with and you can see the distance Trump stays away from her.  He knows she can run circles around him.

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The Birth Chart of Michael Bloomberg - Dec 1, 2019

Out of curiosity several years ago, I did a simple chart on Michael Bloomberg.  He was quite a philanthropist and successful business man.  I wanted to see some of his background.  I remember just a cursory glance at his chart was amazing.  Now that he is running for President, I decided to go into the blueprint and see who and what he is about.

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An Endangered Species–The Middleman/Woman - Nov 16, 2019

The world is on a disrupter tear. It is disruption all over the world. This has been in the works for some time and has many causes. One of these being the changeover from an industrial age to a technology age. Land, labor and capital is not enough to succeed today. You must also have “knowledge”. For areas of the world that don’t have knowledge, these areas will wither in progress. We see this quite easily in the United States where the bulk of new jobs and progress is being created in city hubs. These provide educational opportunities, corporate activities and networking for those who reside in them. Areas of the US that don’t have these

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We Are Rising Out of Ignorance - Oct 21, 2019

Although this may sound contradictory to negative headlines and mob rules, we literally and figuratively are moving up and out of the remnants of the Dark Ages. The greatest push up has not been that long ago, probably only in the last 70 years. However, the rise will increase in speed and we shall see great strides within 10 years. Our past is not our prologue and we cannot return to it. Once we started to “ascend”, we can’t go backwards. We may go stationary to get our bearings but that will be short lived in the scheme of things. The signs are everywhere. Many of the signals go unnoticed but they still keep signaling. It is as if they talk to each other. Hearing the conversation above the headlines and angry rhetoric is the art of a good observer.

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The Irreversibility of Progress - Sep 19, 2019

Several years ago I read a book titled “Hurtling Toward Oblivion” by Richard Swenson, M.D. He is a futurist, a physician as well as a specialist on the implications of social change. I heard an interview with him back in 1999 and was so interested in what he had to say that I immediately ordered his book. At the time of the interview, I was driving the 5 from San Jose to Los Angeles and cruising in the farm belt of California looking for a decent radio station. The big Christian radio station was on and the show “Focus on the Family” was playing. I normally don’t listen to this type of programming but this doctor was a different head spin. He wasn’t about religion but about the rapid advance of progress and the undeniable trends taking place across the globe. He really was accurate on the implication of social change and what was considered progress. I advise all my readers to get this book and read it gradually to digest what he is writing.

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