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Changing Your Name–Does it really change your destiny?

Over the years many people have asked me about changing their birth names.  Some of them just don’t like their names NUMBERSand others believe that they can change their destiny by changing their names.  Married women take on their husband’s last name and others hyphenate their own last name to the husband’s last name.  It can get very convoluted as people try to figure out what is the best direction to go to help themselves overcome either their bad luck or a need to take on a fresh identity.  It is quite common to have people tell me they have spoken to some psychic or other numerologist who told them that all they have to do is add or subtract a letter to their name and voila, things will begin to improve in their lives.  If only it were that easy.

First of all, it certainly is okay for you to change your name–as long as you have an intuitive sense that this name “feels” right to you.  You can have many different names and some people do.  Many people when they came from “the old country” had their names misspelled by customs officials and from that day forward they were legally someone else.  Secondly, you can not lose your original blueprint in your birth name.  You can hate it, never use it but it still sits there playing itself out in your life.  If you are missing certain letters (represented by numbers such as A is a number one and B is a number 2 etc.) you still carry the karmic lessons indicated by those missing numbers.  Your birth name is NOT created here on earth.  It is created BEFORE birth and impressed upon your parents’ subconscious to give to you at birth.  Sometimes it is not the parents who do this but a caretaker or even a group of people in the village.  It comes through the subconscious.  You actually named yourself.

The original full name tells you your destiny.  If you have been adopted and had your name changed by the adopting parents, you are running on dual tracks–the original registered and the changed registered name.  If the second name was never registered, it weakens it even more.  When doing a session with adoptees, I sometimes must look at two different names to point out to the person perhaps two distinct personality traits and two distinct destinies.  The trick is to be able to blend the two.

The last name is considered the inheritance of the person.  It is always important to look at the tracing of the family history.  You may have to go back several generations to see the pattern that is affecting your life.  For example, the Irish had centuries (around 800 years) of colonization by the British.  There was much starvation and the extreme example of the potato famine in the mid 1800′s brought a huge population of Irish to America.  The common thread of this ancestry is depression, alcohol addiction, diabetes and a toughness that can withstand hardship.  Chicago has been known to be a bastion of the Irish.  At least is was until about 30 years ago.  Chicago has also been known as a heavy drinking town and has the highest number of pubs per capital than any other major city in the United States.  For females who carry this last name of the ancestry, it can represent a long history of strong, lonely women who had to withstand births and deaths of many of their children and an early death of their husbands.  The letter “O” carried in the last name also can give the person the inheritance of diabetes or issues with sugar.

Moving right along, it is important to know that your destiny was chosen by you before birth and you can choose to fulfill it or not fulfill it.  It doesn’t leave, however.  It just sits waiting for you to activate it.  Most people haven’t a clue about their names.  They have no idea all the information sitting in plain sight.  Your talents, your challenges, your personality, your motivation, your issues and your timing are all there to help you.  You can run away from it but you can’t hide.  It just goes with you.  It wasn’t intended for you to love it or hate it.  It was intended to fulfill your reasons to reincarnate here.  Call yourself anything you like, change your name as many times as you like but remember, wherever you go, there you are.



4 Responses to “Changing Your Name–Does it really change your destiny?”

  1. Heidi says:

    It must be true that the being coming in names themselves. I adopted a child from Russia and wanted to name her an old family name. For a few days I kept hearing a full name. When I asked what the name meant, I heard, “Go look it up”. The name meant strong, wise one. The day I had to submit the name to the agency I intended to use my family name instead I was woken up very early and directed to change the name back. I did and she is a strong one learning to be wise. Amazing!

  2. Lyn says:

    Thanks Gail, I live in Australia and love reading your blog. I have studied a lot of numerology over the years and been blessed by a lot of inner meanings from spirit. I strongly agree Gail that we name ourselves, I believe that our name when in come into incarnation with is the name that encompasses all we need to work on in this life. The name on the birth certificate. I remember when my son was born, he was going to be Anthony, soon after his birth as I was holding him got a strong message, his name is Jonathon….Also my 4th son was going to be Matthew… didn’t feel right, so the name Joshua came a few days later, Joshua is on his birth certificate, thats his correct name. I too have had people ask about name changing but I believe the birth name is the correct one to use. I did this with a lady who was adopted soon after birth and had “2″ names to work with. After working out the numerology for both the intuitive answer definitely was the first name given, not the adopted one. There are so many variables with numbers, so many different vibrations work together…..I do feel that if a person chooses to change the name new virbrations are added as well to the mix, the original name vibration is still there… there is a new set of numbers to work with as well as the original ones.Keep up the great work Gail. Kayce, saw the time posted was 444, the angel number!

  3. Kayce says:

    I changed my first and last name when in my 30′s because I was told my name was like wearing lead boots. I totally agreed. In changing my name, and it took 6 months to find the right combo to go along with my birth chart, I have found it become easier than the first 30 years. If my birth name is playing in the background, and that certainly could be true I won’t discount that, at least I find that the new name soothes the heavy handed weight of those lead boots. I do believe one has to have someone who really is a professional and knowledgeable about the numbers to advise you if you do decide to change your name. There are just too many factors that play into that job for one to do willy nilly. You can set up more problems than you brought in if you don’t know what you are doing. I have had friends who have had readings done by Gail and were blown away by how right on she was. The person who did mine is not longer here as he has crossed over but I feel good about what was done.

  4. Julie says:

    That may be true, but at least we don’t have to have it rubbed in our faces every time we sign our names. I do look at that family stuff, have been for several decades, but on my own terms, in my own time. There’s a lot of power in my name at birth, but also a lot of devastation and heartbreak, like dominoes. I’d rather choose my own terms for looking at that trauma without having it triggered all the time, and am very happy using a new name that’s got a different kind — even more healing — of medicine associated with it than the one that’s in my last name from birth. Overall, I’m very happy with my new name, and it doesn’t trigger me with anguish, despair, sadness and, rage every time I write it. So it’s calmer and quieter inside my skin now.

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