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Donald Trump as Young Boy

Is “the Donald” really a candidate for 2012?  Would you vote for a man who is mainly known for his hairdo?  I posed this important question to the Minogue interpretation of Numerology and found some pretty interesting information.

First of all, I figured out Donald’s chart many years ago.  I have enjoyed watching him promote himself over the years and I still like the guy.  He is definitely larger than life and is far from boring.  That alone makes him an invitee to one of my parties.  Here is what I know:


Donald’s chart is one of a 4 Life Path, 8 Personality, 7 Soul Number and a 6 Destiny.  He has no missing numbers in his name so there is no particular karmic issue for this lifetime.  He has been to earth many lifetimes and really has a very indifferent attitude about the hoopla that might disturb others.  Nothing to him is really that thrilling here so he is comfortable with indulging himself in many different areas.

You see Donald really acting out the Life Path of the Number 4.  This is a very hardworking number.  It is considered the “producer”, the “builder” and the person who gets things done.  This is the person I would want to hire to get the job completed and on time.  If I was in a war, I would want him on my side.  Not only did he work in the real estate markets and real estate development markets in particular (4 rules real estate), but he also became a producer of television reality shows, self-help marketing programs, success building books and probably anything that keeps his brand in the public and makes money.  He wants measurable results (very number 4) and is willing to reinvent himself to make this happen.He has many sides but the Number 4 can be very traditional, very stubborn, very old-fashioned and challenging to work for.


On the other hand–here is what you do not see or know about him.  His chart shows he was undermined somehow as a child by one or both parents.  I would lean more towards the father.  He is really, really smart (a 7 Soul Number) but his parents or Father would question his competency.   This is an example of a child who gets an A- and the parent questions him as to why didn’t he get an A or A+.    The parent might undermine by expecting the child to be incapable of doing something or not that smart etc.  There is always this understanding that the child is not that competent.  This definitely would affect the Donald.

Children who have this condition very early in their lives– like he did– can go one of two ways.  They can prove their parents right by sabotaging their careers (very big with politicians) or they can prove their parents wrong.  If they choose the latter, they will act out their lives on a constant journey of success–always proving the parent wrong and trying very hard to please them.  When a person chooses this direction, their success is big and serious.  It isn’t about the money, at least not in the beginning, it is about the parent.

On top of Donald’s 4 Life Path, he has the big 8 personality.  This is the natural leader and he would never consider anything that he could not lead, own or direct.  Period!  He must be in charge and he loves to be in command.  He acts his personality.  This is what you see.  “The boss”.  This number can cause the person to be bossy, authoritarian, pushy and obnoxious–as well as benevolent.  The mark of a good leader is one who can raise all boats as he climbs to the top.


Upstanding Donald Trump

Deep down in his heart, Donald is the cerebral guy.  (7 Soul Number)  He spent recent past lives studying and developing his higher mind and intellect.   He loves to uncover the truth, research the facts and enjoys history, geography and the environment.  His ability to restore himself lies in recognizing that he needs to be in the natural world and by himself.  He loves nature and time to enjoy it–by himself.  There is part of him that is a loner and when given the chance, he is best in a setting of the mountains, seashore, horses, dogs etc.  I don’t know if he allows himself this restoration.  He is very busy working but deep down needs a monastic situation to refresh himself.  He also needs to be around smart people.  Two things he really dislikes, stupidity and liars. He can see right through a lie and he can’t stand it when people don’t think or do dumb things.


He is definitely intuitive.  If he takes the time to develop his intuition, he can be spot on with his decisions.  He is very sensitive and very supportive of women.  He relied a great deal on an old female friend to run his office.  She was like your Italian grandmother-type, and ran his operation.  She treated him like a grandson and called him Donny.  He respected her wisdom.  It was a wonderful arrangement.  She was very loving and knew him very well as a grandmother does.  Do not underestimate this guy.  He can appear or behave like an joke.  Don’t be misled.    He is always thinking.  He is not big on emotions in public but he definitely can cry silently in his own room.


Donald Trump has a 6 Destiny.  You definitely want to be his friend.  Better yet, as a family member as he values family a great deal.    If you are in need, he is your man.  He will help you in practical ways.  Do you need a ride because your car broke down?  He’ll arrange it.  Probably fix your car too.  He thinks he knows what is best for you.  There are a lot of  “should’s” in his speech.  Such as, you should do this or you should do that because I know what is best etc.   He, no doubt, thinks he knows what is best for America.  The show the “Apprentice” is very close to the bone.  It is definitely a metaphor for Donald.  He can apprentice you because he thinks he knows what is best or who is best.   Definitely a responsible destiny number.  These are the people who will get mad at you if you don’t take their advice.  Does he know what is best for the USA?  He thinks he does.

When Christopher Reeves was paralyzed from the riding accident, it was rumored, and I believe it, that Donald Trump arranged and paid for his equipment for the home.  There was never any word of this in the press.  That behavior is very much in line with Donald.  Responsible and practical.  I believe he has probably contributed to many people in need and nobody knows about it.  Certainly his chart doesn’t need that kind of publicity.  He would keep that under cover.    He is a boy scout–never forget that part of him.  There is a rescue side to his nature.  He needs to feel wanted and needed.

Donald is like the rich aunt who puts out great feasts at Christmas.  You want to go and enjoy the feast but you have to put up with the aunt.  She’ll buy you the thing you need, but you always have to know you will have to play by the aunt’s rules.


Donald Trump with New Family

Three marriages, three different sets of children.  Lots of responsibility.  Donald loves it.  He needs to be needed and appreciated.  By having all these ex-wives and children, he can be needed the rest of his life.  Perfect.  It gives him the incentive to be productive and to lead.  He is also born on a 14 day.  June 14.  The number 14 in numerology is considered to be a debt number.  The debt is on the physical level to the body.  In this lifetime there is a tendency to be a bit wild and free (the number 14 reduces to a 5).  He loves his freedom and change so he would take risks above the extraordinary to ensure his freedom.  The number 5 rules the 5 senses so sex, food and rock and roll are big for a number 5.  The latter part of his life will have less and less of this wildness as the influence of the 14 is more prominent in the first 60 years of his chart.   Since he carries this debt in this lifetime, he must NOT take unusual risks to his physical body.  He can take financial risks but not risks to his physical body like driving really fast or crazy airplane stunts.  Others can do this, not him.


Probably not!  But he does certainly liven it up.  Would it work if he did become president?  He is smart enough to do the job no matter how foolish he makes himself look.  Remember this is a guy who used to be a member of the Reform Party and the Democratic Party before he became a Republican.  At one time he also praised Canada’s single-payer health-care system.  He is pretty much a smart, loose cannon.  He is progressive and conservative.

Remember, he doesn’t like liars and doesn’t really care what you think of him.  This can be powerful stuff.  It can also be crazy.  Such as the “birther” thing and President Obama.  It gets press and a small sliver of the voting population on his side.  It’s a start.  The name of the game is to keep your name out there and keep getting the attention.  His individual energy field is enhanced by being the the limelight.  He loves it.  Hollywood type behavior will be his ticket but never forget this guy is really conservative.   He doesn’t care what you really think as long as he is effective.  The idea is to be practical and effective.  Sounds pretty good!


Larry King Testing His Hair

What is with this hairdo?  What if he walked out of the bathroom one day with a shiny head and no more toupe or glue?  That won’t happen  for awhile.  He gets the needed attention for his brand by maintaining the hair.  It gives us something to talk about.  We all understand this in men when we see these guys with bald heads and wearing pony tails with the last remaining strands.  This looks really nasty when it is thin and tied together with a rubber band.

The astrological sign of Leo affects these men and Donald’s chart.  Donald has some prominent Leo in his chart.  Leo is represented in modern day by the lion animal.  Leo’s always have manes like the lions.  The sign of Leo rules Hollywood and the entertainment industry.  MGM studios has the lion as its symbol and it roars at the beginning of each film.  Remember the lion in the Wizard of Oz?  It had a huge mane.  All men with prominent Leo’s somewhere in their charts keep their hair long–even as they go bald.  It’s their comfort and protection.  You especially see this in rock bands.  If, and this is a HUGE if, Donald Trump ever got as close as the White House, he would probably allow himself to go bald on top.  He would resort to the conservative Trump who doesn’t need the “mane” to get attention.


Donald is saying he may let us know what he is going to do on the live finale of the “Celebrity Apprentice” which airs on May 22nd.  He may or may not depending on if he needs to keep the attention going.  He is in a Personal 6 year in Numerology so he feels he has the responsibility to add his presence to the race.  2012 is a different thing altogether.  He will then be in a 7 Personal year and will be tired.  It won’t take on the appeal as it does in 2011.

One thing for sure, he is not boring, is very smart, generous, helpful and feels he knows what is best.  We tend to not take him seriously but we should have some  private conversations with him.  You might change your mind.  Regardless, I want him on my side in a battle.


  1. Michele S says:

    Will look for what is more Current and curious about his ability to be truthful and HONEST???

  2. Tyler says:

    Technically, or numerology speaking, the 4 isn’t the hard worker you would want to hire to get the job completed and on time. Nor if there were a war, would you want the 4 by your side. 4’s are hard workers this is true, but it’s a numerology 1 you would want on your side as those guys tend to be independent leaders. You can take a week vacation and not have to micro manage them. And actually you’re better off staying out of their way.

  3. judy says:

    So interesting (and SAD!) to be reading this now…

  4. Corinth says:

    Woah, I cant believe trumpie is a 4 numbered individual, Good numerology numbers for true and effective leadership, indeed.

  5. gail says:

    I will be doing an update for Trump in 2015. His purpose in this race etc. Stay tuned and thank you for writing.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I agree with the request for an update for 2015.

  7. Jan says:

    Very interesting! How about an update in terms of where he is now in 2014 with his personal numbers?

  8. Sherle says:

    Gail, this is very interesting! There is a lot I enjoy about Donald Trump and as a Democrat I’m particularly enjoying how he is pricking the pompous balloons of the other Republican candidates. I’m praying that he is a plant to try to bring down the Republican Party -do you think it’s possible that is what he is up to? I’m thinking of the telephone call he had with President Clinton who urged him to go after them … And hoping that is so !

  9. gail says:

    Glad you are enjoying and thank you for commenting.

  10. Coleen says:

    Thanks for the insights Gail. Can’t support the Republican agenda but it looks like he is providing a great service in his own unique way. It’ll be interesting now matter what. Blessings to you and thanks again for this free newsletter.

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