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I love this saying.  It’s another Irish proverb.  You know those Irish.  They have sad songs and merry wars.  There is an element of truth in their ditties.  We keep thinking this world we are now living in is the cat’s pajamas, the real deal.  It seems so and we become very attached to all that goes here. We are attached to our stuff, our patterns, our loved ones, our rituals, our religions and our comforts.  We panic at the thought of running out of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hand and counter wipes.  I saw a woman

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7 responses to “The Less We Think of the Next World-The Greater Mess We Make of This One”

  1. Oluvia says:

    Good morning Gail thank you for the article. Please what do you have to tell us about the 5G and implants and vaccinations.

  2. Kerryn Varrie says:

    Thank you Gail, beautifully written and very insightful. I think this is a magical time, a massive reboot for our planet, we knew it would come, we just didn’t know when and what it would look like.
    The rug has been pulled out from each of us.
    Challenge is hard, it is painful but if we don’t give up and throw in the towel, the growth we all get to experience is huge and hopefully the outcome, a new way of being on earth. A new beginning.

  3. Eva says:

    I love Your wisdom and very much agree, we will heal and gain a new perspective that is sorely needed.
    It breaks my heart to see others suffering and not be able to help but know we are each on our own journey; and I will try to be the kindest and light filled soul that I can be in hope of being of help to some in that capacity. Blessings to us All as We are really ALL ONE.

  4. Joan says:

    Deep gratitude Gail.
    Yet again your overview is spot-on and insightful.
    We are creating our future with every thought.
    I’m going with kindness and compassion, turning away from the ‘news’ and actively loving this earth that sustains me.
    The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  5. Gail,
    As always, you have synthesized the “issue” that many are not wanting to look at let alone “own” their contribution to how “society” is responding…. after all, WE are the society.
    I have seen this as Spirit’s way of showing the world how interconnected we all really are, whether we want to be or not. I believe that it is also showing to the world how disfunctional many of the world leaders are — how myopic many of them are. But it is also giving the opportunity for Leaders to emerge who are taking responsibility to do what is necessary to LEAD those whom they serve, and pointing out the “great limitations” that Politics can have. It is clearly showing those who serve vs. those who serve only their own interests, and I find that refreshing. Keep up you good work and live Spiritually high and healthy.

  6. Barbara says:

    As always, Gail. I so look forward to your blogs, if anything to “unscare” me and just know, this to shall pass as seen in the heavens.

    Much love and health to you in these times.

  7. Hope says:

    What about the mass control and fear and panic being shoved down everyone’s throats by the TV show News? There is a herd immunity and many people have already gotten this “thing”…I worry a bit of the New Word Order, Global Govt etc.. that will do more damage. And there is a UN theme connected to 2030, I keep hearing. Nationalizing many things and basically more and more control. I see Saturn in Aquarius with Mars there, not the best for humanity, in that freedoms are being diminished or basically limited completely. If you are unable to provide for yourself with the work you do. Anyway, as a musician my work performing is postponed. Limited online work. And what about alien influences? I do relate to David Icke and his work that he has dug so deeply into….Very revelational. Thoughts? And yes This too Shall pass, but as it passes what other things will be passed…5 g ..etc…?

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